Solution for three key parts of the bending machine

Posts, tables and slides are key parts of the bending machine ( some times people aslo call it press brake ), and their strength and rigidity are critical to machine accuracy. By analyzing the structure and force condition of the posts, the tables and the slides, a multi-layered split structure is proposed to replace the overall welded structure, reducing the shape and weight of the single unit, and achieving the effects of processing, transportation and installation.

Through the actual use we got to know that the multi-layer split structure is the ideal structure for the bending machine, especially for the large-tonnage bending machine.

The bending machine is an important equipment for bending and forming the work piece in the sheet metal industry. Its function is to press the steel plate into various shapes according to the process requirements.The three units take the total weight of a bending machine up to 70%-80%. Its strength and rigidity directly determine the running accuracy, service life of the machine and the accuracy of the work piece. The three key parts of the large-tonnage bending machine often exceeds the size and weight of road and rail transportation. It is relatively easy to transport ultra-wide and heavy-duty parts in the plain area, but the transportation cost of ultra-wide and overweight parts in mountain roads or tunnels is very high, and sometimes even unable to transport.

In order to solve this problem, the three key parts width of the bending machine are divided into different heights or heights. The parts that are still over-limit after splitting are layered in the thickness direction, and the strength and rigidity after assembly meet the requirements, as well as the purpose of easy transportation and installation.

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